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In conjunction with Australia Business College students can gain qualifications which are nationally recognised and accredited by the government of Australia to enable them to work in Australia as an authorised teacher, industry trainer and assessor. (note the spelling where Aussies use an “s” in place of our “z”).

The focus of America Business College is to provide business and finance education, on the job training, consulting and management services. .America Business College trains business owners, their employees, prospective business managers and teachers wanting to be industry trainers and leaders.

Many small business owners do not have an exit strategy. As a consequence owners of businesses who have worked hard operating their business fail to realize a windfall on the sale of their business when they retire. Therefore American Business College emphasises the development of business collateral so that owners have an asset with value which they can sell on retirement or as part of an earlier exit strategy

The unique affiliation with the Australia Business College is concerned with business management training programs designed to assist business owners build collateral as part of an exit strategy which optimizes the value of a business sale for the owners and management. Both Australia Business College and America Business College specialize in finance and and management studies – also providing many short courses designed to fast track learning for management and business owners.

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America Academy

America Academy – Business Education World-wide

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